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Dear Parents,

The Education Office at the Diocese of Altoona-Johnstown is pleased to be able to share our schools’ curriculum with you. This is the fruit of several years’ labor for many of our administrators, teachers, and staff. A curriculum can take years to develop and  is never truly a complete document as there are always new developments in education that require changes and adjustments to be made.

We will be uploading subject areas as they are completed and reviewed. This is a living document and will be subject to change as the documents are reviewed and suggestions are made. These changes will be reflected in new uploads from the Education Office.

The Scope and Sequence is meant to provide a picture of what your child can expect to learn in each subject at each grade-level. This is by  no means  a lesson  plan, as each teacher will approach subjects in a different  manner,  based on their students’ individual needs.

I thank you for your patience in this manner and invite you to visit our Diocesan website regularly for updates.


Director of Education

Jo-Ann Semko

Language Arts

Physical Education



Social Studies

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