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Why Choose Our Catholic Schools?

Why Choose Our Catholic Schools?

When you invest in a Catholic Education for your child, you’re providing them with academic excellence, as well as the opportunity to experience a family-oriented community. Interwoven in these elements is a faith-based approach to learning, service, and citizenship.

Every day in our schools, your child will have the opportunity to grow their personal faith. Our teachers, as well as the Pastors of the schools, provide guidance through scripture, real world anecdotes, and personal bonds. Your child will get to learn about the person of Jesus Christ, how to be good stewards of God’s gifts, and how to be of service to others.

At our schools, your child will have the chance to learn and develop high level skills in mathematics and literacy, hone problem-solving, and gain the ability to apply what they’ve learned in real-world situations. Your child will receive individualized attention with our classrooms having an 11:1 student to teacher ratio on average. Our students score average than higher on standardized testing and experienced growth in mathematics and reading during the pandemic. Our strong teaching staff, one out of every three has a master’s degree or higher, will help get your child prepared for life beyond elementary and high school: Over 94% of our graduates move on to a post-secondary program.

The students of our Catholic Schools have the unique opportunity to be a part of many intersecting communities. At their school community, they get to experience camaraderie, connection, and friendship all built in a loving environment by our faculty in staff. In their faith community, they get to experience faith for themselves, but get to share their faith with other students and members of the parish. In their local community, they have the opportunity to serve others and, in some cases, have the community serve them.

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