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Education Office

Education Office

The Diocese of Altoona-Johnstown Education Office is committed to fulfilling its role in facilitating learning across all our schools, as well as, supporting the schools, and their parishes, so they can provide quality Catholic Education.

This is done by seeking Professional Learning Development opportunities, assisting with Federal and State Programs, taking part in the hiring of new teachers, researching and setting new Curricula, and much more.

Professional Development

The Education Office plans many Professional Development opportunities for school faculty and staff to help enhance the student experience. This includes trainings on data analysis, math initiatives, and school safety, as well as, training for new and relevant software. The office also encourages schools and teachers to seek their own Professional Development opportunities to further amplify the student experience. 

Federal/State Programs

The Education Office provides assistance with Federal and State programs by allocating funds, facilitating use of those funds, and serving as liaison between the Catholic schools and the public school district. 

Human Resource Services

The Education Office, as well as the Diocesan Human Resources Office, assist the schools with many of their Human Resources needs. This includes finding candidates for hire, collecting documentation from new hires, mediating contract disputes, and much more. 

Youth Protection

The Education Office works in tandem with the Diocesan Youth Protection Office to help make sure that our schools are safe for our students. From maintaining up-to-date clearances for all school employees, to implementing the Safe2Say program in all schools across the diocese, the Education Office takes the safety of all children very seriously.

Jo-Ann Semko
Director of Education

Jo-Ann Semko

Eric Middleton
Office Coordinator

Beverly Chronister
Administrative Assistant

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